Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Getting Ideas for Writing Online Articles

You like to write and you would like to earn a few pennies, then writing online gives you the possibility to combine these two. All you need now are a few ideas about what you want to write. I'll try to give you some ideas here. My ideas are general enough to get your brain working on your own solution, copying or replicating me or others doesn't earn you hits, friends, or money when writing online. Think! Then write.

Writing online is mostly a case of what to write about much more than how to write about it. What do I mean with that? If I write about Syrian refugees, I probably will get few views because the net is deluged with news in just about any language and chances are my article will just be a wash out. An article about a clever way of fixing a shower on the other hand could hit just the spot with readers trying to get a plumber to come by.

You will write your best articles about things you know about. If you are clever at knitting, your tips will be sought after by other knitters. Equally, cooking, baking, sewing, mending, fixing or painting will find readers looking for ideas and advice. Make use of all the things you know and take for granted to impart them to others that are looking to improve or learn a skill they lack. There is no way to be too basic when you start out with your tips, lots of people never tried knitting an will appreciate your help.

When you start out writing online, the best place to use is a publishing site with shared income like Triond. There, you can valuable insights. You can write about anything that pops into your head and then see how it is doing. You get the reactions of other writers that are publishing members there. You can look at statistics and comments to see how you are doing. And it all earns you a few pennies. Combine all that information to see what people read and where you have the most views.

The combined feedback possibilities from a shared income site will give you a pretty good idea what ideas you want to follow up. And it might set your foot onto the blog ladder with something you're good at. Writing about knitting might become a specific knitting blog all your own. It won't appeal to millions of readers, but it will give you a faithful following of readers interested in knitting.

While I have concentrated on things you might do in an everyday way to compile my list above, there are loads of other possibilities when writing online. The arts, theater, opera, flower arrangement, drawing, framing, gardening, and you name it. there is always something interesting to write about. Get your mind away from trying to please millions and get onto something where you have something to say about to the interested few. Your readership will increase from there quite naturally as they promote your blog with people sharing their interests.

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