Monday, August 31, 2015

The Honey Pots for Writing and Publishing

Honey pots has a certain ring to it, doesn't it? I'm overselling way above of what there is on offer, though. But there is money to be made with writing online, all you have to do is start doing it. There are several ways of earning money by writing online. I'll give you a short list of the most accessible ways of doing so.

When writing online, you have several possible ways of earning money. My short list is just that and not a comprehensive list of all ways you could possibly explore of earning money by writing online. Besides writing online, you have also all the traditional ways of publishing and selling your writings, but covering that information is not the intention of this article.

Shared income sites

There are sites that offer you a share if you publish your articles with them on their (one or several) online publishing site. Shared income means that they split what money is coming in with you. Depending on the site you look at, these splits can be different. My example is the one I started out writing for: Triond. They offer a split of 50/50, which is fairly standard and fair enough for all the work it saves you.

I recommend shared income sites for beginners to learn the ropes of writing online and for irregular writers. For beginners, it offers the support of a large and great writer community and gives you valid feedback. If you want to do more, though, you'll have to wean yourself of the site eventually and start your own blog. For irregular writers, it saves you all the hassle of maintaining your own site or blog and gets you out of keeping them constantly updated.

Paid writing sites

There are paid writing sites available on the internet. They offer a fixed rate for your articles and no share of any income after that. I am no friend of these sites. Usually their payment looks good at first sight, but when you consider that your article will stay online for near to ever, you could probably make much more on your own over time.

I also find them very constricting. If you like writing something fast, these sites will not be forgiving with what you produce. The format has to be just as they ask, there have to be 5 paragraphs, no more no less, you should not use certain terms, but others must be used. Each of the publishing sites has its very specific instructions. In all, writing online for these sites is much work for little payment; and I consider writing fun, not work. I recommend to skip these sites.

Winner takes it all

There are sites that make the entry of an article look like a competition (though it is more of a lottery). The winning article gets a high amount of money and is published and featured, the runners up are only published. The question you have to ask of yourself is, how much money can you generate of the free article you just gave away as a runner up? You might guess that I don't bother to enter these draws and prefer to make my own way writing online for smaller amounts on a monthly basis.

Run your own blog

You can run your own blog or blogs. This has advantages and drawbacks. Advantages are that you can do what you like when writing online for yourself as owner, editor in chief, and marketing master of you own blog. The drawback lies in the same set up, none of the above mentioned dignitaries tend to get into a discussion about what you write or publish as a blogger. You might be writing completely off-beat and be widely ignored. Being ignored is not a good way to make money.

Obviously, views on your blog will show you if you are completely lost in space and time. Use the statistics offered by sites like Google Blogger and see what works and what doesn't. Taking regular peaks at what keywords brought in search results is time well spent and will help you moving in the right direction. And don't expect any fast results when running your own blog. Writing online is a thing for people with patience.

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