Thursday, August 27, 2015

Writing Tips Outside The Box

I decided to restart my writing tips and concentrate on writing tips to help authors and writers to think outside the box. There are thousands of writing tips out there in the net. You can visit them to read the obvious. I will concentrate on giving you writing advice that looks at things from an angle, from the side, or turns it upside down.

Writing tips outside the box are not intended to be replicated one on one. Replication is an American concept, it is used for get rich quick schemes now called MLM (multi-level-marketing), before that they were called pyramid schemes, before that snowball schemes, and before that Ponzi schemes. They are basically all the same; once you are asked to replicate, you are already the intended looser in others' get rich quick schemes.

If you can't replicate my writing tips, what do they do for you? They help you think; they should help you think outside the box. They should help you not to replicate what others do, but to do your own thing. If you want to write, you are prepared to use your brain. I presume that using your brain for my articles with writing tips is not asking too much.

You will find articles where your gut reaction is: 'He's telling me not to do what he is obviously doing.' If 'don't do as I do, do as I say' is good for all religions, governments, companies, and non-government-organisations, it's good enough for me. There usually is a reason for it, and the explanation can be found in another article than the one that brought you up short.

I intend to make you think about what you are doing, or not doing, while writing. Showing you ways of looking differently at what seems a foregone conclusion might just hit you off in a new direction. Looking at things from different sides, from the back, or upside down is a proven way to catch yourself out before you become complacent with what you are doing. After you have done that, turn things inside out and start again.

If you are up to using your brain, make sure you keep an eye on my writing tips coming out at highly irregular intervals. I write and publish as I have time and a fancy to go slightly weird (yes, weirdness is a great help in writing anything, even a news article). Straight thinking is forbidden in this blog (and I'm saying that not only because I'm gay).

What about the pictures? They are not intended as hidden writing tips. Writing about writing is a dry matter; some pretty pictures might lighten the mood; they might make your eyes water with envy because you (and I) aren't as good looking. Either way serves the purpose.

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