Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Start Writing Online

If you want to try writing online for a hobby or as a means to earn money, it pays to take baby steps at the beginning. Going at it slowly and watching the reactions you get will help you to minimize mistakes and to maximize output at the same time. Here is the way I started out and what it brought me for what I do now.

When I started writing online, I first joined a online publishing site on which I could publish my articles. These sites offer shared earning possibilities and a community of other writers that read your articles. While the shared earning might sound like a loss of money, it is made up many times by the feedback you receive from the community of fellow online writers.

While the income from writing online from this shared earning site might not be much, getting a few pennies for your first try at writing is a boost for your writing ego. Don't underestimate it. The publishing sites also give you tips on how to market your articles (it's in their own interest after all) and they do some marketing of their own, too. It is a good way for beginners to learn the ropes of what can be done in online writing and publishing.

I found the community of writers on such an online publishing site very supportive and helpful. They point out mistakes you made in a positive way and share their own experiences in online writing with you. It gives you the possibility to try out different things and get valid reactions to what you are writing. This will help you to find your own way and style of writing.

Writing online has a learning curve like anything else you do. You have to learn to dumb down your language to a Google Search acceptable level (something I'm not very good at); the perceived reading ability level to aim for is usually given as that of a twelve year old. I haven't tried and tested it, I just repeat what others that know more than I say in their blogs about Google.

The publishing site I started out on is called Triond. It also allowed me to include pictures in the articles. Which means you can learn two useful things at the same time, because pictures bring in views. Learning to handle online writing in combination with pictures is essential if you plan on starting your own blog at a later time. Make use of the statistics that the site provides for you to learn about marketing and keywords and the income sharing will be all in your favor.

Writing online as a beginner can look daunting, but by using a friendly site like Triond to make your first steps will help you gain confidence as you progress and learn how to deal with the various media. I'm using the plural here as a means to referring to embedded videos for instance which might be something you want to try out, too.

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