Friday, September 4, 2015

Use Pictures to Brand Your Online Writing

I have covered the necessity for a good pen-name to brand your online writing in my last article. But people often remember a good picture much better than a name. That is where your picture comes in. Choose a picture that is memorable and doesn't look like a million others. You have a pretty face, but for that picture you need some added pizzazz to be different from the crowd.

A picture says more than a thousand words. This is nowhere more true than if you want to establish yourself as an online writer with a visible presence. What you are doing in effect is establishing a brand or more concisely, you're establishing your writing persona as a brand. The pen-name is one part of this brand that covers the need for a searchable name aka keyword. Your picture now should become your visual logo.

If this sounds like a tall order; yes it is. The picture you choose for your logo should be different in the sense that it should be different from millions of face photos you see on the internet. Remember you are not choosing a picture of yourself to represent you but one that represents your writing persona. If unsure, ask someone you trust to choose one or to approve your choice.

And now comes the real crux of the matter. Once you have chosen a picture, it's there to stay. No matter how long you write, don't change it because it has become a visual beacon hailing in readers. And use it for every page and every profile that you use for your writing persona. The more often it is seen, the more valuable it becomes. Even if you join a site only to make a comment on an article, if you can put in a picture, use it.

After some time, you will notice that this picture will not just be following you, it will take the lead and be your spearhead to wherever you want to go. It will be part of your marketing strategy for your online writing and the visual anchor for readers to recognize you at a glance.

You might argue that as it is not really you but your writing persona, you could use just any picture that pleases you. But what would be the point of using a picture of Justin Bieber or Anne Hathaway? I admit that both are highly recognizable. Too recognizable. Such a picture doesn't set you apart, it drowns you in hundreds of similar VIP pictures. You might as well leave the picture part blank.

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