Thursday, September 3, 2015

Keep Your Articles Safe When Writing Online

Your writing is your capital. When writing online, you should make sure that you keep it safe from loss. While writing online on a shared earning publishing site or on a prepared blogging site is deceptively easy, it also means that your work is only existing on that site. If the publishing site disappears, so does your work.

Publishing sites offer writers the possibility to write their articles online in a special window provided for the purpose. They also have spellcheckers installed and save unfinished work automatically as drafts in case you're kicked out of your internet connection. The finished articles are also readily available through lists and can be edited, updated, and deleted by you any time.

This sounds quite enticing and easy; and it saves money as you'll get out of buying your own word processor for your laptop. But where do you go to get your articles back when a site goes down? If it's a technical glitch, you'll get access again at a later time or worst at a later date. But what if it went bust? Then your articles are lost together with whatever money they owed you out of the shared income scheme they were running.

Blogging sites function similarly. You'll get your list of drafts and articles up to edit, update, or delete your work. Again, they offer you a special window to do your writing online. And they also have a spellchecker in place. The problem with the site going permanently down remains the same, too, but at least they won't owe you any money as placing ads is done via your own account directly with the advertising company.

It is quite clear that if you value your articles, you'll have to get some system in place to keep them safe. You could copy them to other publishing or blogging sites where you're a member, but it might be much easier to save them to your laptop. From there it is easy to make another backup copy just to make sure.

Why should you care about your articles? Because anything you produced for any site should give you income indefinitely. That at least is the theory though there will be articles that are so bound up in the time of publication that they will be forgotten within weeks after you wrote them. But even these articles might contain information or turns of phrase you want to use at a later date again.

Do I sound like a hoarder? Probably. But my hoarding doesn't take up any space in my office. And once a site went out of business, my saved articles allowed me to republish them on another site fast and efficiently. Writing online should after all gain you money for a long time. And it all adds up over time.

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